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Reel to Reel Transfer | Cassette Tape Transfer Service
There's alot of info here but we think it will answer most of your questions. Please e-mail us with any questions.

Rates for Reel to Reel transfers per reel, 1 or 2 sided, mono or stereo 1/4" tape (by reel size)

3" - $25
5" - $35
7" - $40

For 4 track tapes, add $25 to the cost above
For 8 track reels, add $40
If tapes require baking, add $25 per group of 4 tapes.
Tape speeds 1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2, 15 ips.

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Audio Cassette - up to 60 minute (C60) - $30
90 minute - $40
LP - 33 rpm - $35 (includes CD indexing)
78 rpm - $25
45 rpm - $15 ea. (multiple 45's on one CD)

Set up and digital transfer into our Digital Audio Workstation.
Digital MP3 file/s uploaded to Dropbox.com. You can immediately download the files and hear/use them.

If you would prefer your transfer be copied to CD, $5 per CD.
$4 for each additional CD if program doesn't fit onto one.
(Audio CD's hold about 1hr 15 minutes of material.) $5 per extra copy of CDs.

Your original tapes/albums will be shipped back via USPS Priority 2 Day. We can also ship via FedEx or UPS upon request.
(Shipping not included in the pricing above)
We will invoice you after the job is completed.
Turn around time for most jobs is approx. 2 weeks.

We believe you will find our rates to be extremely competitive, considering our experience and professional end product.
We are very eager to earn your business. We provide insanely great service and will provide you a very professional product that will last for generations.
Thank you for your consideration. Let us know if you would like to proceed. We'll reply to your e-mail the same day.

Additional editing services are available for $45 per hour
Equalization, Normalizing, and limiting if needed (Fancy way of saying we'll make the audio as crisp, clear, and loud as possible.)
Song Indexing (Creating individual audio files for each song on the tape.)
We can also fix those recordings that were done on sub par machines. When these tapes are played back on a different machine (like at a transfer service,) the tape starts out fine but then either gets progressively faster or progressively slower during playback leaving everyone sounding like the chip monks or Lurch from the Adam's Family. We can, within limits, correct tapes with this problem so they'll be much better sounding.

Click here for information regarding Tape 'baking'

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Major credit cards accepted via PayPal online (fast, secure, guaranteed) or personal check, money order.
We're eager to earn your business.
Please contact
tiguersound@gmail.com with questions or concerns. Thanks
Unconditional Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with our work, you don't pay.

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(Fine print) We realize how important your original tapes are. We will take every precaution possible with your material to preserve its' integrity and not let anything happen to your tapes. You are trusting us with your original tapes and we take that trust very seriously. However, we cannot be held responsible for tapes or media that are damaged during or the transfer process or lost during shipping. (We've never had an instance, but have to inform you of the possibility.)