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Reel to Reel Transfer |Cassette Tape Transfer Service

We can breath new life into your old Reel To Reel Tapes, Cassettes, Albums & 8 tracks. Don't just let them rot in those old boxes in the back of your closet! Let us put them on CD and/or MP3 files for you so you can enjoy them again. What's on your tapes? Do you remember?

Here's how we'll do the Reel To Reel Transfers etc.

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Should you choose our services, once we receive your tapes, we will make sure that they are in proper condition to play. We may need 'bake' some tapes to refresh and re-bond the oxides to the substrates so the tape doesn't simply scrape itself bare over the play heads.

We'll transfer your tapes into our Digital Audio Workstation and then upload the high quality MP3 files to Dropbox.com. You can immediately download the file for use.
Your original materials will be sent back to you.

We'll keep you informed about the entire process and progress via E-Mail with frequent updates. At this time we have 1/4" 8, 4, & 2 track reel to reel 3", 5", 7" size, standard audio cassette, 4 track cassette, VCR, .WAV and .SDII (and others) transfer capabilities. We will contact you with details and rental pricing before you ship your tapes so there are no surprises and you can decide if you still want to do it. 

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tiguersound@gmail.com with questions or concerns. Thanks
Unconditional Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with our work, you don't pay.

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(Fine print) We realize how important your original tapes are. We will take every precaution possible with your material to preserve its' integrity and not let anything happen to your tapes. You are trusting us with your original tapes and we take that trust very seriously. However, we cannot be held responsible for tapes or media that are damaged during or the transfer process or lost during shipping. (We've never had an instance, but we have to put it in.)