Lisa Jeanette - Singer/Songwriter

Here are seven songs that were recorded on the evening of August 31 and the afternoon of November 22, 1995. Lisa came to my house, and proceeded to lay these tracks down quite effortlessly. It wasn't too hard for me either. I put her in the 'sound booth' (my spare bedroom,) plugged her guitar directly into my mixer, and told her "OK, whenever you're ready."

Most of what you'll hear here was done in one take using an ElectroVoice N/D357 dynamic microphone for her vocals into a Mackie 1604 mixer. Recorded using MacroMedia DECK on a Macintosh Quadra 650 with a 2 channel AudioMedia digital sound card. Mixed and Mastered on a Mac G4 using Digital Performer 3. I know you'll enjoy listening to her songs as much as I did recording them.


Destiny Or Me
Didn't Help Me None
Falling For you
I Can Sympathize
Keeping You Close To Me
Skin Deep
Meant To Be

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