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JDPanic was a S. Jersey/Philadelphia area original Pop/Rock band that was together from 1986 to about 1990. The songs here have been transferred from some old reel to reel 8 track tapes and some cassette 'boom box' recordings from some practice sessions and have been hanging out there for 14 years or more. Although the recording quality is not the best on most of the tunes, at least the songs are not gone forever. We're glad we're able to preserve and share some of it.
Here's a link to some newer unfinished song ideas.

Sun On Your Face
Lyrics by Richard Fortino. Music by Joe Polimeni
Recorded in one evening on December 15 2000.

Written by JDPanic 10/87

Words and Music by Joe Polimeni
Recorded 1/88 in Al's basement

Could It Be You
Words and Music by Dave Tigue and Joe Polimeni 6/19/87

I won't mention who is playing the guitar solo until it's finished due to the embarrassing nature.
80's Power Ballad.
Note: - Scratch Guitar solo. Should be completed sometime this decade or so.

I'm Over You

Long Way
Written by Dan Smedile c1987

Now That I'm Lovin You
Written by Joe Polimeni and Dave Tigue c1987

South Philly Girls

By My Side
Written by Joe Polimeni c1986

That's Life
Written by Joe Polimeni, Dave Tigue, Alan Cubler c1988

All Those Nights
Written by JDPanic 10/88
I can't find the original lyric sheet for this one. Does anyone have it?

Because I Know

Sharing My Life

Cher Che
Written by JDPanic 9/88
Recorded on a Cassette boom box at practice

Bites In The Bullet
Lyrics by Alan Cubler 10/26/87
Music by Alan Cubler, Joe Polimeni, Dave Tigue c1987

Diana Dance
Words and Music JDPanic 1989?
This is compiled from 3 different practice cassette tapes and edited together. Since all the tapes where recorded while we were still writing it, none of the versions I have are complete. At least now the song is in its entirety. I forgot how this one went! This could've been good once we got it all worked out.

The Way You Walk

Time Is Pushing Us Aside

Trying to Treat Me Right
Written by Dave Tigue, Joe Polimeni, Alan Cubler 7/28/87
About that girl that just can't take a hint. Recorded in Al's dad's basement in December of 1988 on a Fostex 1/4" 8 Track Reel to Reel.

You Know It's Me
Written by Dan Smedile
Performed by JDPanic in Pam's basement 1989? Recorded using a cassette boom box.

Jungle Talk LoFi
Quite Funny
Per request from Chris.
Recorded at an early practice in 1987.

When I'm Without You
Lyrics by Dave Tigue 1985
Music by Al Cubler, Joe Polimeni, Dave Tigue 9/87
From a practice tape in the basement. Beginning and ending are rough. Some tape dropouts. But the whole song is here!


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